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Emotional Deer Rescue - Road Traffic Accident

Deer rescues are always the most intense and rewarding ones, and this one is no exception. We were called out to check a female roe deer who was hit by a car. She had a few deep cuts on her head, so Simon decided to take her back to the hospital. Time is of the essence with deer, as they suffer from capture myopathy, which is a complex disease associated with the capture or handling of any wild animal. A deer can die of capture myopathy when too stressed. For that reason, Emma, our vet, quickly stitched the wounds and rushed back with Simon to where the deer was found. Once in the woods, the deer was struggling to stand up and was showing no will to live. After a lot of effort from Simon to keep her up, she managed to stand on her own, but failed to take her first steps... Watch this emotional video to see if she survived!

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