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4 Below Zero: True North Strong and Free | S2E3

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When it comes to Ice Cross Downhill, the fiercest and friendliest rivalry in the past few years has been a tale of Canada v. the USA. The sport has quickly become dominated by the North Americans in the past few seasons, and training for the fastest sport on skates has taken a life of it’s own. Full year round training mixed with a little well intentioned banter between some of the top athletes has increased the competitiveness between the athletes even before the season begins.

4 Below Zero takes you into the action and behind the training for the 2016 Season of Red Bull Crashed Ice – The Fastest Sport on Ice. Think you can lace up the skates and go toe to toe with these guys on the track? After seeing what Cam Naasz, Dean Moriarty, Scott Croxall and Matt Johnson go through chasing the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship, and just how technical the tracks have become, you might rethink things.

Official Red Bull Crashed Ice 2016 Season:
Quebec City, Canada – Nov 28
Munich, Germany – Jan 9 
Jyväskylä, Finland – January 30
Saint Paul, USA – February 27


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